People, not profit.

Choose competitive rates on loans and savings from a not-for-profit.

Over 400,000 people in Scotland already have loans or savings with a credit union. Join them and discover competitive rates with an ethical approach.

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Some quick facts

A credit union is a place where you can save your money and get loans at competitive rates. What makes credit unions different is that they’re not-for-profit, so any money they make goes back to the people who use them via their rates and dividends.
The money credit unions hold in savings accounts (and in some organisations in current accounts) is loaned out to other customers who need to borrow money at an affordable rate. They’re based in communities around Scotland, and can be found near you.
Credit unions are not banks – although they do offer many of the same services and follow the same rules and regulations. Unlike banks, credit unions are owned and controlled by the people that use their services.
The main benefit of credit unions is that they exist only to serve their customers. They also take into account your own personal financial situation, provide a friendly service, and are based in communities around Scotland.
Every credit union is different but most offer loans (e.g. to help with costs at Christmas, a new car, or a wedding) and savings accounts. Some credit unions also offer things like online banking, current accounts, and mortgages. It’s best to visit your local credit union to find out exactly what they have on offer.
Credit unions offer competitive rates on loans and savings. Rates vary across the year, and depending on the credit union, so it’s worth visiting your local credit union to find out more.
You can usually join a credit union in a few different ways e.g. by going online, speaking over the phone, or visiting in person. Visit your local credit union to find out how you can join.
Absolutely. Just the same as banks, credit unions are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). FSCS protects savings and current accounts up to £85,000.


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